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Billing and payments

You can pay your bill online , by direct debit, over the phone or in person at the Jersey Energy Centre. Paying via fixed or variable direct debit each month is often the most convenient way for our customers to pay their bill. To set up a direct debit please contact our team or call us on 755500

Yes, to view your bill online you’ll need to sign up to our e-billing service. You'll receive your bills by email and have access to our e-billing platform where you can view historical bills. You can sign up for e-billing here or if you’ve already signed up, login here.

We will note on the back of your bill if your bill has been estimated. Please double check if the reading on your bill matches the reading on you meter. You can provide a reading to us over the phone or on our website and we will send you an accurate bill.

Domestic customers are billed every three months. Business customers are billed monthly.

Please contact our team on 755500 and they can help you set-up your direct debit.

The direct debit should collect on the date you specified on the mandate providing it is a working day. If that is not a working day, it will collect on the closest working day to it. Most direct debit collections will show on your statement 3-5 days after we have collected.

Please contact us using our contact us form or call our team on 755500 and they can change the date or amount taken on your direct debit.

This will require a new direct debit mandate form to be completed with the new account details. Please contact us using our contact us form or call our team on 755500.

Each individual property requires a new direct debit to generate a new reference. Please contact us using our contact us form or call our team on 755500 and we can set up a new direct debit for you.

Paying by direct debit takes the effort out of paying your bill. You will still receive a bill every three months, but an agreed payment is taken automatically from your bank account so you don't have to do a thing. If you pay a fixed direct debit amount this will be taken monthly and if you pay a variable amount this will be taken when your bill is due every three months.

If you are a new customer who hasn’t had an account with us for a year or if you’re renting a property a deposit of £250 will be required. It will be returned to you after a year providing the account is kept up to date. If you pay via direct debit for a minimum of 6 months, the deposit will be returned sooner. All business customers are required to pay a deposit and the amount will depend on historic usage.

Yes, you can. Please update your standing order with your bank, unfortunately we are unable to do that on your behalf.

If you register for e-billing you can view your historical bills or if you’ve already signed up you can log in here. You can also request paper copies of bills if required.

The standing charge contributes towards the fixed cost of supplying gas and maintaining the gas supply infrastructure.

If you would like to close your account, please contact our team on 755500. Please take a photo of your final meter reading as we will ask you to send this to us.

If you are in credit, you can request a refund online. You’ll need your account number and the refund amount. Alternatively, please contact our team on 755500 and they can help.

Yes, you can submit your meter reading online. We will read your meter every two months but if we can't access your meter for any reason, you can take the reading yourself and submit it online. Alternatively, you can call our team on 755500 and we'll take the reading from you over the phone.

If you are struggling to pay your bill, please call our customer support team on 755500. They will discuss different payment options and personalised payment plans with you and help get your gas reconnected.

Please contact our customer support team on 755500 as soon as possible. We take our duty of care to customers very seriously and we make specific provisions for our customers who require extra support. Our team will discuss different options with you including personalised payment plans and joining our priority care list.

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