Billing changes to help Island Energy customers with budgeting

Islands Energy Group – parent company of Island Energy, Manx Gas and Guernsey Energy – has brought in changes to its billing system to increase the efficiency and ease of customer payments made through the Post Office.

Previously customers would reference their individual Post Office number to make payments; however, going forward, these numbers will no longer be recognised. Customers will now need to present their paper bill at the Post Office, which will detail a unique invoice number. To make this process quicker and easier, Island Energy has introduced barcodes that will contain the invoice number for Post Office cashiers to scan. Customers who make regular smaller payments to support their budgeting can reuse the same invoice number several times.

This change was prompted by the company’s new internal system and only affects those who pay through the Post Office. Customers will still have other payment options, although Island Energy recommends that all customers use direct debit payments as these enable customers to spread the cost of heating over the year. Using direct debit alongside e-billing gives easy access to bills, as well as being a greener solution as it avoids paper bills.

Jo Cox, CEO of Islands Energy Group, commented, “We hope customers experience easier management of their bill payments as a result of this change. If customers have any concerns or questions, we would encourage them to contact our Customer Services team.”