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Net zero

Net zero means not adding to the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Achieving it means reducing carbon emissions as much as possible as well as balancing out any emissions that continue to be generated by removing the equivalent amount.

Our ambition is to be Net Zero. For a company that has supplied gas, a fossil fuel, for more than 150 years in the islands this might seem something of a leap, but we believe it is one we must make. We’ve rebranded to Island Energy and have made being a ‘role model for Net Zero’ a strategic business objective for this reason. We’re at the start of our journey, but we’re moving in this new direction to give our customers choice in their energy management and to support our island’s vision for its energy future. Whether that is offering smart home technology, diversifying into energy efficiency services, or investigating more environmentally friendly forms of energy.While we’re working on being a role model for Net Zero, we’re continuing to offset all the emissions from the gas we supply to our customers. This isn’t the ideal solution, but we feel it’s important to take responsibility for the carbon emissions we’re generating while we’re proactively working to reduce them. We’re committed to achieving Net Zero, but this won’t happen overnight. Gas will continue to have a place in the energy mix as it is vital for the success of our island’s energy transition - and we plan to be a big part of Jersey’s Net Zero future so we can continue to provide energy for every generation.

Carbon offsetting is the mechanism organisations can use to take responsibility for carbon emissions generated by their business activities that are difficult or impossible to avoid. Currently we monitor and calculate the emissions we generate and fund projects around the globe to compensate for this with an equivalent number of emissions reductions. This provides a key source of finance for renewable technologies and energy efficient projects, which are improving lives alongside cutting carbon.

Yes. Our projects follow the same robust process of design, monitoring and independent verification set down by the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). They also meet a recognised international standard for emission reductions. This means that carbon reductions are measured against a baseline and independently verified by an international standard for emission reductions. .

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