What is smart technology?

Smart technology gives you greater choice and control over your energy use at home. Smart devices, like thermostats and thermostatic radiator valves, work together to make managing your energy easier. With smart technology your energy is custom-made, so it works around you. Never come home to a cold house or heat rooms that you’re not using.

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How it works

Smart heating thermostat

How they work

Smart thermostats work with your heating system to give you greater control. Turn your heating up, down, on or off, set schedules so your heating works around your day and get notifications if your heating is on when you’re out of the house. Manage every aspect of your heating from an App or smart speaker to help you save energy and money.

Key benefits

  • Control your heating wherever you are
  • Easy to set schedules
  • No wasted energy
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Smart thermostatic radiator valves

How they work

Smart TRVs control the flow of hot water into a radiator, enabling you to control the heating in your home at any time. Using TRVs you can set specific temperatures and schedules for each radiator to keep the temperature just right and avoid heating rooms that you’re not using.

Key benefits

  • Individual room temperature control
  • App control from any device
  • Save energy and money
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Control the heating with your voice

How they work

Smart speakers can connect with your heating system via thermostats and TRVs, so you can control your heating with your voice. We can offer the Amazon Alexa Echo Dot with our smart home subscriptions. We’ll help you connect your compatible smart speaker so you can say things like, "Alexa, turn down the heating by 1 degree."

Key benefits

  • Control your heating with your voice
  • No need to use your phone or access the app
  • Quick and easy to manage
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Smart tech set-up

We’re here to help.

Smart technology is designed to make things easier, but we understand that switching to smart technology can seem daunting, that’s why we offer intallation and help you set up all the apps you need to take control of your home and energy.